First Aid At Sea

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At sea…

help cannot be provided as quickly as it is possible on land. First Aid, which is normally meant to cover some minutes until professional help arrives, can be the only help for hours or even days.

First Aid at sea often is the only help available!
Regrettably, most First-aid supplies on board do not prepare for those situations.
Compiled by medical doctors and testet by sailors worldwide – SeaDoc equipments can be found everywhere on the seven seas – take care and relax – we assist you in that!

SeaDoc offers:

First Aid Kits

We are suppliers for medical First Aid Sets for harbor and sea. By us, you find the right equipment which fits to your needs. From simple First Aid Sets to professionell high end devices.

Training Courses

SeaDoc wants the water sport to be safer. We train sailors in theoretical and practical lessions to compete with emergency situations. Learn more about our First Aid Classes.

Medical Tables

Dr. Stefen offers with his excellent illustrated medical First Aid Tables a simple overview and the immediate help in any case. This book should not be missed at sea.