SeaDoc – who we are

“On land” spent the founders of SeaDoc years working as physicians in clinical and ambulant emergency care.

  • Emergency physicians in emergency services and in primary care area
  • Activities in surgery, anesthesia, neurology, intensive care, sports and internal medicine
  • Qualification for “Emergency-Sea” of the CCME and the provinces participating in the “Special Task Sea”
  • Authors of “medical boards – first aid on board” and of the “first aid on board” in the “seamanship” (each Delius Klasing Verlag)
  • Teaching activities for emergency physicians, emergency services personnel and medical students
  • Examining physician for the DGzRS
  • Qualification as a “Senior emergency physician” for large claims by the Hamburg fire brigade.
  • Activity as a race doctor.
  • Membership in the “German Society for Maritime Medicine”.Employees in the “Handbook on Maritime Medicine”.And outside the clinic – of course watersports enthusiast