First Aid at Sea

SeaDoc offers at a glance

SeaDoc is an initiative from medial professionals and sailors – and this is our strength. Our medical expertise garantees a high level in product quality and trust for our Clients.

Medical Equipment

  • For medical professionals and amateurs
  • Clearly tucked in quickly attached and ready module bags
  • Adapted to your cruising region, your needs and your level of knowledge
  • Standard equipment for the supply of the most common medical problems on board: Optimist, first aid, Baltic
  • For the supply of life-threatening situations: Professional revival and revitalization
  • Includes recommendations to facilities with medicines
  • Includes guide with instructions for use
  • Many optional extras
  • Worldwide shipment of equipment and replacement materials
  • Defibrillators: all models particularly suitable for the maritime sector

First Aid Classes

  • For the supply of common and life-threatening medical problems
  • Taking into account the special conditions on board
  • On sailing schools, in clubs or corporate sailing groups - also with you on board


  • Placement of personnel: doctors, paramedics, nurses for
    • Travel at sea
    • research projectse
    • Companies abroad
    • major events
  • Rental of emergency equipment for charter trips or events
  • Supervision of regattas and other sailing events, planning and organization of medical care of major events

Medical Consulting

  • Recommendations for drugs
  • Advice on specific medical questions